Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: Gaddafi’s efforts for Africa direct reason for NATO war

gaddafricaDuring the Feile An Phobail festival in Belfast, Ireland, on March 14, former spokesman of the Libyan Jamahiriya and member of the Executive Committee of the Libyan People’s National Movement, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, stressed that Africa needs to rise from its current condition. He emphasized that the efforts of Muammar Gaddafi for Libya and Africa, such as the African Union, his advancing plans for a new currency that would rival the dollar and euro, and his ideas on how to make Africans become self-sufficient, were the direct reason for NATO’s war on Libya in 2011.

Joining via video link, Dr. Ibrahim also said that as a result of the ongoing war, the political and economic situation as well as the security in Libya keep deteriorating, and the situation of prisoners, refugees and displaced persons has become a huge problem both inside and outside Libya. This exact situation has been predicted by Gaddafi himself in 2011, only a month after the so-called revolution broke out, when he told the France 24 television station that “if I go down, there are millions of blacks who could come to the Mediterranean to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the Mediterranean.”

In the same interview, Gaddafi said that “the African Union has sent a commission of enquiry to show that what is published about Libya abroad is 100% lies. The world has an image which is not based on anything and which is unreasonable. A distorted image has been formed of peaceful demonstrations.” However, only recently it became public that the US, through Hillary “we came, we saw, we died LOL!” Clinton, used false pretenses to justify regime change in Libya, just like the Bush administration used the WMD accusations, as no such thing as the mass killing of Libyan civilians by the regime ever took place.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim called on the international community to support the Libyan cities and tribes in their attempts to find a political solution that will save the country from the disaster of the “February 17 revolution”. He said the country should be brought back to the “glory and dignity of the Al-Fatah Revolution of the martyr Muammar Gaddafi, which for more than forty years proved to be effective.”

A video of the presentation will be added to this post when available.

Watch Dr. Ibrahim effectively and eloquently deal with the British pro-NATO press during the war:

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    • it is high time for the leaders, both factions to settle their differences for the good of the nation and the people.. the killing of the leader qathafi by the west-directed nato military mercenaries was the rootcause of libya’s trouble. why/ so they can control the oil resources of the country for their own se4lfish-interest at the expense of the libyans. down down the western operastors inside leave. leave libyaand free tyhem from their stupidities. allah bless the libyans..prof jaime ramirez, postbox 1703, manila, philippines.i.

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