Dr. Mustafa El Zaidi: The Libyan people are victims of Zionist fascism

zaidiOn February 27, the coordinator of the executive committee of the Libyan Popular National Movement, Dr. Mustafa El Zaidi, spoke from Egypt on Venezuela based television channel TeleSUR during Mr. William Parra’s program Cruce de Palabras (“Junction of Words”). Below is a summarized translation of Dr. El Zaidi’s speech.

“I am glad to send my greetings to my Libyan brothers and sisters, as well as to all the brothers and sisters in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, who are following in the steps of the great leader Hugo Chavez.

The battleground in Libya does not only concern Tripoli or Benghazi, but entire Libya. Almost half the population lives in exile, mainly in Egypt and Tunisia. The entire country is ruled by militias, terrorists and criminals. What happened in Libya is a hostile takeover by the West, because Gaddafi gained too much support from revolutionaries throughout Africa and Latin America. Currently the country has two governments, one in Tripoli and one in Tobruk, the latter is backed by the Western powers.

The Libyan people suffer tremendously from the militias. There is a humanitarian crisis in Libya, war is everywhere, not only in Benghazi and Tripoli. There are more than 70 illegal prisons ruled by militias. They are financed by the United States, by Mrs. Condoleezza Rice and others who “protect” this form of anarchy. So they have destroyed Iraq, they have destroyed Syria and they have destroyed Libya. The NATO bombardments destroyed the Libyan army and its services, and NATO armed the militias. They said they are fighting terrorism, but in fact they brought war and caused the rise of the so-called Islamic State (IS). IS has been fabricated by the West. This is what we call the West’s double standards in Libya, as the West has been supporting IS in Libya for the last four years, which has caused the destabilization of entire Africa as well as the Mediterranean region.

The Libyan people are victims of Zionist fascism. The same Zionists are aiming at the destabilization of Latin America, of countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua, Brazil and Bolivia. Our Libyan brothers and sisters oppose the Western invasion. The Libyan people oppose these international terrorist groups that aim to take over peaceful countries throughout the world. Gaddafi was overthrown because of his resistance to these terrorists. On the 1st of July 2011, 2 million people took the streets of Tripoli in support of Gaddafi. Gaddafi was seen as the liberator of Africa who freed Africa from the Western occupation, which created a dependent Africa. The [Global] South should form a new aligned movement against NATO and against the imperialists. What was done to Libya can be done to Venezuela.

We hold NATO and the United Nations totally responsible for the current situation in Libya. Both Libyan governments, the one in Tripoli and the one in Tobruk, are opposed by us, because Libya in fact is currently ruled by the United States, as there is no doubt that the terrorists that are currently in control of Libya have been fighting before in Iraq and Syria, where they were installed by the West. Libya and its wealth, which was meant for the next generation, has been totally destroyed by these forces. Lately Libya has been compared to Somalia a lot, as being a similar failed state, but I think that Somalia is in a much better situation. Libya is both the center of Africa and the center of the Mediterranean, yet every Libyan city is occupied by terrorist militias. Europe and the West now start to worry because IS is starting to become a treat to the capitalist countries, which to them is way more important than the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

The Western-backed government in Tobruk also reflects the Western double standards and its propaganda, as only a minority of the people participated in its election. And no one elected the Tripoli government. Mr. Léon, head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, wants talks between an elected government and a non-elected government, and thus he will push the rise of the Islamists of which the non-elected government exists. Those are the Islamists that destroyed everything in Tripoli in 2014. Now they talk about another Western intervention, whilst it are the Western mercenaries that have destroyed the country.

What happened to Libya was the longest NATO operation ever. NATO had to bomb Libya for eight months. They had to pull out all the stops both on the ground and from the air. They had to mobilize militias of mercenaries that weren’t Libyan. They were brought to Libya from everywhere to cause chaos. NATO’s airstrikes were directly aimed at Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. Many of his supporters were assassinated and still the people refused to turn against him. We call him the Libyan Guevara.

During the war NATO tried to impose a government in Tripoli consisting of Americans and Europeans from Libyan origin, who originally emigrated from Libya, and who would be used to assassinate Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi in a manner similar to the assassination of Saddam Hussein and many others. Because Libya under Gaddafi was heading in a direction that the West did not like at all. Subsequently the West used all kinds of tools from dark ages to torture Libyans who refused to bow to the enemy in the most horrible way, which caused approximately 1 million Libyans to flee to Egypt and approximately 2 million to Tunisia. It is the largest scale of displacement Libya has ever witnessed, and the United Nations did nothing for these millions of people.

Before there were no religious problems in Libya. Libya knew a system of direct democracy in which all people participated. Direct democracy has proven to be the solution for Libya. The many displaced and isolated people should contribute to popular solutions, to the reorganization of country, with the cooperation of the National Congress of the Libyan tribes. A popular institution is the only solution. We are not asking for war or intervention, all we want is to end the anarchy and the destruction. The question is very simple: we, the Libyan people, want to decide our future. We want back what has been taken from us by Western governments; our lives and our peace. We want our country back. Our country is our responsibility and we want to make responsible reforms. We want a stable country, free from terrorism. We want to combat terrorism and we want to halt illegal immigration, which is the result of the Western destabilization of our peaceful country. We want our peaceful country back.”

Summarized/translated with best intentions and with my never ending love for Free Green Libya; however due to the Spanish voice over and my lack of perfect knowledge of the Spanish language not everything might be 100% correct, and a few parts of the speech are missing. I do believe to have captured the essence though. – LH

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