“Saif al-Islam is safe and well taken care of” – 2nd interview with Mr Al-Fatah

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Translation of the second interview (first here) with Mohammed Al-Fatah, who was born and raised in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, conducted by Angelika Gutsche.

Q: At the moment a lot is happening in Libya, but our media provides very little information. Therefore the first question is: What is the current situation in Libya?

A: Many Takfir leaders [radical Islamists] recently have fled from Tripoli to Sudan through Mitiga airport. In Benghazi, there are only a few places that still need to be cleansed. I expect this to happen soon so that everybody can return to their homes. The Libyan civilian population has taken it upon them to rid the cities of extremists. This is a great help for the tribes.
The legal government and parliament are located in Tobruk. All decisions are made there and should be implemented to the rest of the country. The national army is under the government’s control and only accepts their commands from the government. This government is also internationally recognized.

Q: According to press reports, Tripoli is still in the hands of the militia. What is the strategy of the tribes on this?

A: The tribes are working to get everything back under their control. They are progressing quickly. Every day they carry out relief operations.

Q: Who currently controls the airport of Tripoli?

A: There is only one functioning airport, which is the military airport of Mitiga. At the moment, this airport is under the control of Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn, the result of Qatari-Turkish axis supporting regional political Islam), Belhaj (Daash/IS), Al-Qaeda and jihadist fighters, which are funded by the United States via Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Q: The parliament in Tobruk had asked for international help. Can you imagine that similar bombings as now in Syria against IS also take place in Libya against the militias by a so called “alliance of the willing” without an agreement of the UN?

A: We have asked for help, not for intervention.

Q: Could you imagine such a bombing campaign with a UN mandate?

A: Exactly because we can imagine, we have only asked for help or advice, but never asked for an intervention. We have seen what happened in 2011.

Q: Meanwhile, has the situation of the people in Tripoli improved?

A: No. The entire infrastructure is destroyed. There are hours of power outages and no one dares to go to work or to shop, only the absolutely necessary things are getting done as quickly as possible.

Q: What is the situation in Benghazi? General al-Hafter reportedly has recaptured a military camp from Islamist fighters. Will he be able to hold this under his control? Al-Hafter also wants to block the port of Benghazi to control the arms import. Do you think this is possible?

A: Actually, none of the tribes are working with him, because they consider al-Hafter to be an American spy, and so in this case nothing good will come out. Al-Hafter may have realized that it was a mistake to support the intervention in 2011. This does not mean that he is not an American puppet or a spy. We don’t expect anything good from him.

Q: Is Cyrenaica still aiming for the independence?

A: No, we are trying to protect them. We are all united and do not want to split our country.

Q: In August, the Libyan Parliament in Tobruk has decided that the president should be elected directly by the people and not by the parliament. Do you think this a reasonable solution?

A: Yes, because thereby the will of the people is expressed.

Q: By the end of August, PM Thinni resigned and also declared the resignation of the entire interim government. Who rules the country now?

A: He is working with the government in Tobruk.

Q: At this moment, besides the parliament in Tobruk, Libya has a second parliament: the old “Islamic” parliament of PM Omar al-Hasi which is located in Tripoli. What about their legitimacy?

A: The only legitimate government is the one in Tobruk. There is no legitimacy for PM Al-Hasi. This government has not been elected by the people.

Q: Who are the Fajr Libya fighters and what are their actions?

A: The are all mercenaries consisting of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Ansar Sharia, Daash, LIFG and the Muslim Brotherhood, and they are supported by the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They allegedly control Tripoli. Their actions consist of murder, kidnap and rape. They loot houses and rob banks. This all happens on a daily basis.

Q: Also if the militias are defeated then wouldn’t go on the political or armed conflicts because the USA/CIA, Egypt or other also Arabic states wanted to have a important influance in Libya?

Q: Even if the militias are defeated, will the political and armed conflicts continue, because the US/CIA, Egypt and other Arab countries want to exert an important influence on Libya?

A: Please check the video with Belhaj, who is the leader of LIFG and Daash, on CNN:

If we liberate Libya from these scums, I am sure the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will use them in other places.

Q: In case of a victory over the militias and the Misrata-clan (Fajr Libya): What are the strategies for building a functioning state again, and what are the long-term perspectives for Libya? What are the policy objectives?

A: The objectives are the reconstruction of the country and the return of the people from exile, back to Libya. The recovery of the Libyan infrastructure and to cleanse Libya of extremists.

Q: And a last question that a lot of people are interested in: How are the political prisoners? Who is free? Who is still in prison? How is Saif al-Islam?

Q: And one last question that interests many people: How are the political prisoners doing? Who are still held captive? Who are free again? How is Saif al-Islam doing?

A: There are more than 20,000 prisoners being held in illegal prisons. We have evidence that the guards of the prisons that are maintained by extremists, are foreigners. They come from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, that is, from anywhere in the world where there is support for these extremists in Libya. In the east, where the tribes are controlling, there are no prisoners. Saif al-Islam is safe and well taken care of.

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