War on Russia is war on the Jamahiriya

russia libya

by Linda Housman

Soon after the brutal murder of Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi in October 2011, it appeared that the visual part of Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya (meaning people’s government) has moved outside NATO-controlled Libya to establish itself in Russia. By then, a vast majority of about 90% of the Russian population supported Libya’s revolutionary leader who changed the country from being the poorest in the world in 1951 into the most prosperous of Africa. This percentage since then has only increased, as many supporters of the unique jamahiri system of democracy fled Libya as a result of the NATO invasion, to mainly settle in the Russian Federation.

Russia not only has offered a safe haven for those who will face torture and death in their own country for no other reason than being supporters of sovereignty and true democracy, also a green charter movement was born, with committees springing up into existence across Russia. World Jamahiriya Radio was launched in Russian language in the autumn of 2011, and till today its website continues to report the truth on Libya and the ongoing imperialist war against the country. One can translated this Russian language page by opening it in the Google Chrome browser.

Now that Russia and Ukraine every day come closer to an all-out war, a war that ultimately will give the Western warlords a reason for a full-speed attack on the new headquarter of the Jamahiriya, the system of participatory democracy once again is under fire. The exact same powers that bombed the Libyan capital of Tripoli in 1986 in an attempt to eradicate the leaders of the Jamahiriya and thus their ideology, are now after the eradication of the new center of the same ideology by aiming to execute their self-orchestrated war on Russia.

Until now, even the most powerful military alliance in the world did not manage to eliminate the concept of governing by popular congresses and people’s committees, a form of government resulting in the exact opposite of the pyramid structure that Western leaders falsely promote as being democratic. When Libya was brought to its knees by nine months of NATO bombings and became enslaved to the West in 2011, the Jamahiriya simply moved to another place and became more globally present than ever before. Now those who Muammar Gaddafi called rats are after the Jamahiriya again, this time in Russia. Will they finally succeed in their evil plans, or will the Jamahiriya once again rise from the ashes only to multiply itself, and to finally usher in the era of the masses as pursued by Gaddafi?

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