Water has a Memory


by Linda Housman

Only recently scientists found out that 97% of the human DNA actually isn’t “junk” but has a higher purpose. Empty space was found to be filled with the invisible torsion wave energy at different degrees of concentration. The “junk” DNA turned out to play critical roles in the behaviour of cells, organs and other tissues, which discovery soon will lead to more revolutionary breakthroughs and which will make mankind more aware of their coherence with and influence on others beings and the Whole.

Another study conducted by the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany clearly shows that water is capable of “memory” by storing information and retrieving it. Researchers discovered that each drop of water has a face of its own, unmistakable and unique. The study proved that putting something in the water, e.g. a flower as presented in the video below, afterwards made the separate drops of water reflect the object that was put in the water.

The findings correspond with a previous study by Dr. Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004), a French medical doctor specialized in immunology, who discovered that:

  • When a substance is diluted in water, the water can carry the memory of that substance even after it has been so diluted that none of the molecules of the original substance remain;
  • The molecules of any given substance have a spectrum of frequencies that can be digitally recorded with a computer, then played back into untreated water (using an electronic transducer), and when this is done, the new water will act as if the actual substance were physically present. (Source)

So if water does have a memory, perhaps talking nicely to animals, plants and other non-human existences, blessing food before consuming it and saying a prayer to the Higher Entity before taking a certain action also isn’t as nonsensical and out-of-this-world as many consider it to be. And let’s keep in mind that 70% of the earth is covered in water and that 60% of the human body is made of it…

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