The “suicide” of 13-year-old Anass Aouragh: A perfect ritual murder?

Anass Aouragh

Anass Aouragh

by Linda Housman

February 25, 2013 – On February 7, a security guard of amusement park Duinrell found the body of 13-year-old Anass Aouragh in a forest in his hometown of Wassenaar, the Netherlands. The Moroccan boy had been missing since the previous day, after he did not return home from distributing leaflets by bike. His bike was found by police officers on the evening of February 6, which resulted in a national Amber Alert. The alert however was only issued on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Hyves, and not by a text message to cell phones because it was past 10PM. The next morning the Amber Alert was withdrawn when Dutch media reported that a body was found during the search for the missing boy. One week later, the media stressed that research has proved that Anass “certainly committed suicide”. But not according to his family, friends and overwhelming evidence.

In a statement to the Moroccan Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), Anass’s father, Mohamed Aouragh, declared there were scratches on the face and fingerprints in the neck of his deceased son, and that a witness saw Anass being taken to the forest by three individuals. Mr. Aouragh’s statement corresponds to that of a woman who told the police her son witnessed Anass getting captured by a “scary person in grey sweatpants”, but her testimony was dismissed as nonsense.

Several websites as well as Facebook messages by friends who were present at Anass’s funeral mention an imam stating the teenager was raped and murdered. An explicit though unverified comment at Dutch alternative news site says in Dutch language:

Cover-up, I was at Anass’s funeral and before the funeral started there was a short speech saying police investigation has shown Anass was raped first and murdered after that, media on purpose portray it as suicide to avoid huge demonstrations and escalations in the Moroccan community because the queen is about to move to Wassenaar.

According to an Arab language article at, Anass’s family has hired Dutch top lawyer Gerard Spong to “find out the truth, no matter what”. This lawyer however has a bad reputation himself when it comes to pedophile-related cover-up cases in the Netherlands, and allegedly has close ties with former Secretary-General of Justice and known pedophile Joris Demmink. The question has arisen if Mr Spong for doubtful reasons foisted himself upon the Moroccan family that likely is not aware of his reputation…

Funny and eccentric

anassclassThe so-called suicide of the 13-year-old boy at first sight fits perfectly in a pattern of teenage suicides the Netherlands has witnessed over the past months, when several severely bullied highschool students took their lives by jumping in front of a train. But while the media portrayed Anass as one of the teenagers that could not handle school bullying anymore, friends and classmates described him as a funny, eccentric guy who loved to dress up, “yellow pants one day, a bow tie the next day”.

“He was very different than the other students”, classmates told Dutch newspaper Telegraaf. “He used to wear distinctive clothing and he definitely was bullied for that, but he never talked about death.”

According to Telegraaf, Anass sent a text message to a few female friends right before he went missing, saying “do you hate me?”, which happened after these friends were punished at school for laughing at Anass during class when he pulled funny faces.

Symbolic location

One may wonder if “do you hate me?” -if already sent by Anass himself- is a typical farewell message of a desperate boy who is about to commit suicide rather than a slightly provocative question of a teenager who may be bullied but stands his ground, which not in the least shows from his clothing choice. And that isn’t the only question that comes to mind. A Dutch language video aptly summarizes:

It seems that the police is protecting the perpetrator again. Police and justice have done this many times before, for example in the Demmink case, and they particularly do this when the perpetrator is hired by high-ranking figures. Anass’s body was already buried before the investigation was completed. There were no weapons or other suicide tools found anywhere. There were scratches on his face and fingerprints in his neck. A witness’s testimony was considered to be unreliable. The municipality of Wassenaar is well known as a result of its conspicuous wealth. Given the way the investigation was conducted, there likely has been high-ranking elite involved in the murder. If this is the case, it could have been a ritual murder as well. The body of Anass was found in a forest opposite a restaurant that was closed a few months ago, a restaurant named Lucifer… could this be a symbolic place?

And there is more that indicates that the teenager’s body was not found at a random location. The forest – in fact a not very thick forested area of about 60 meters wide – is situated between Duinrell, an amusement park owned by a Rothschild family, and a street named Van Zuylen van Neyeveltstraat. The name Van Zuylen van Neyevelt refers to Marie-Hélène de Rothschild (1927-1996), born Baroness Marie-Hélène Naila Stephanie Josina van Zuylen van Nyevelt to a diplomat and businessman of Jewish and Dutch descent. In 1957, she then married her distant third cousin Baron Guy de Rothschild, head of the de Rothschild Frères bank. The street name is also similar to the last name of one of the co-directors of amusement park Duinrell, Philip van Zuylen van Neyevelt, whose wife, Baroness Maria Louisa Alexandra van Zuylen van Neyevelt-den Beer Poortugael, is the Lady of Dutch Queen Beatrix since 2011.


(Full image – via Martin Vrijland)

“Vindplaats fiets”: The location where Anass’s bike was found on the evening of February 6.
“Daadwerkelijke vindplaats”: The location where Anass’s body was found on the morning of February 7.
“Pannekoekhuis inbeslag genomen camerabeelden”: A pancake house where, according to a witness, camera recordings were confiscated by police after the disappearance of Anass.

Anass’s father speaks to Jalal TV

Summarized translation of the Dutch language video broadcast at February 18 below.

Mr Mohamed Aouragh:

I am here for the first time now. I was too scared to come here sooner. It hurts me. But today I decided to come here, at the place where the sad event happened … Anass is gone. He is resting now. He is with Allah. He is innocent … Sometimes I still don’t believe what happened. Sometimes I think, no, Anass will return. Sometimes I wake up not knowing if it’s all a dream or reality. I can’t believe it … We buried him, but I still can’t believe it … He was a special boy, everybody talks about that … I can’t describe how I feel… a 13-year old child, innocent … Someone who wants to commit suicide plans such thing in advance. Why here? Why not at home? At 5PM he was at the library, after that he bought some clothes and then he went to distribute the leaflets… then he comes here and thinks, oh, let’s commit suicide?! That’s nonsense … I have seen his body, after the autopsy. [Photo 1Photo 2] To me it is clear that he has been murdered. I know and feel this is 100% true. It is clear to me, whatever they try to tell me. My child has been murdered. It is a crime. It’s a tragedy, I have no words for it … [asks the boys at 5:30 in the video] Do you know Anass? [when confirmed] What can you tell about him? Boys reply: “He was always very nice”.

Citizens’ reactions

In the weeks after the death of Anass, many concerned citizens left revealing comments on online articles about the case, such as:

I live about 150 meter away from where Anass was found … There are people telling me they have seen ‘weird individuals’ there, but they don’t tell the police … I don’t know, it is all extremely odd. On Thursday night we lied awake half the night because of the helicopters, and Anass lied only a little away from the road. They better throw away those heat sensors. And the detector dogs also didn’t find anything. It’s a mystery. (1)

Another commentator asked the following valid questions:

  • His mother called him when he didn’t come home from spreading leaflets at 6PM. At about 9PM, his phone was turned off. Who did this? If he had committed suicide, he would have done this between 5PM and 6PM, when he finished spreading the leaflets. Where has he been in the next three hours? Why did nobody see him?
  • His bike was found on the edge of the forest. The next day, his body was found ín the forest. Why didn’t the police apparently search in the forest immediately?
  • His body was buried during the investigation. One may ask, which investigation? How to examine a corpse that is already buried?
  • A witness went to the police and testified she had seen somebody with Anass. She however was sent home after police told her she “must have been sent by the family”.
  • How can a 13-year-old commit suicide in a way that keeps the police investigating for two weeks? If such boy commits suicide, shouldn’t that be obvious? (2)

Several people reported independently from each other:

In the night from February 6th to 7th, a Polish man committed suicide by hanging himself in a bungalow at amusement park Duinrell, close to where Anass’s body was found. The house has been cordoned off by police. This is the night in which Anass was missing! Why are the mainstream media completely silent on this? (3)

Citizen investigator and blogger Martin Vrijland went to the site where Anass was found and concluded:

According to Peter R. de Vries (a famous Dutch crime reporter who already hijacked many murder and abuse cases) the location has been meticulously researched, ‘every blade of grass was considered to be important’. But we found lots of rubbish and also a condom at the site. So thoroughly did they exactly investigate?

If the murder of Anass Aouragh indeed was a satanic ritual murder by high-ranking elite, then why at that moment and why at that place?

A ritual murder in ‘honour’ of the new Dutch king?

There is another highly disturbing fact to the death of Anass Aouragh which has gone completely unreported by any media: Anass’s so-called suicide happened nine days after Dutch Queen Beatrix announced to step down in favour of her son, Willem-Alexander. Moreover, Willem-Alexander and his family also live in the hometown of the Aouragh family, the wealthy municipality of Wassenaar.

Coincidence? Definitely not.

The fact that the sexual abuse and the subsequent sacrifice of prepubertal children -like Anass- by elite figures still isn’t much more than a conspiracy theorist’s fantasy to the majority of the people, only proves how well-organized this all is. Neither the scale of, nor the participants in the abuse are known by the public – yet it single handedly is the glue that holds these forces together. The well-hidden reality is that children of Anass’s age and younger are supplied to high-ranking ‘officials’ to be abused and sacrificed in satanic rituals throughout the world, in which rituals the powers behind the visual powers feed themselves with the ultimate fear of the young victim. From the perspective of this reality, it is only logical to assume that these satanic ceremonies not in the last place happen in the country that brought about the Bilderberg Group and that is home to many members of the Rothschild family, and not in the last place on the occasion of important events such as the abdication of the Dutch Queen.

Taking in consideration the wall of denial and resistance that witnesses and truth seekers have faced in the Anass case, what else to conclude than that police, justice, government and media once again protect their own criminals?

May there be justice for Anass Aouragh, and for all the children who have faced similar atrocities.


Photos of Anass’s funeral on February 11 from his Facebook tribute page:



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