Putin blasts the Netherlands over Pedophile Association


by Linda Housman

April 14, 2013 – On the occasion of his visit to the Netherlands on April 8, Russian president Vladimir Putin blasted the country for having an association which promotes pedophilia and defends pedophiles. Putins words came as a response to many critical voices from the Netherlands regarding the alleged restriction of the rights of homosexuals in Russia. Putin denied that Russia is going to restrict these rights. In his own words, Putin “also is the president of the gay”.

In addition to the president’s statement, Russian TV channel 1TV broadcast a documentary by journalists Ivan Blagoi, Kyril Boet Erin and Julia Zagranitshnova earlier this week on the Dutch pedophile association. Following is the translated and supplemented transcript of the documentary (video in Russian language below).

Introduction: “The association Vladimir Putin mentioned is called Martijn. Many members of the association are convicted of sexual crimes against children or have been sentenced for sexual offences. Even in an extremely tolerant country as the Netherlands, the existence of association Martijn concerns many citizens. The association had to cease its activities, but they however may remain free to spread their ideas. Our correspondent investigated the reasons why the pedophile association is able to be this powerful.”

[Russian journalist arrives at the house of the chairman of Martijn in the Dutch town of Hengelo, Overijssel]

“In this house, one hundred kilometers from Amsterdam, lives one of the founders of the association. As we can see, the neighbours don’t have too much sympathy for him: look at the smashed window and the broken doorbell. There is no nameplate on the door and behind the window is a video camera; he must have noticed us already. His name Marthijn Uittenboogaard, he is the chairman and founder of the pedophile association that he named after himself. The association has over 600 members and supports sexual relations between adults and minors, and advocates for the legalization of pedophile and sexual relations between grownups and children. The members don’t feel ashamed to express how much they suffer from the law that forbids them to abuse children.”

[Russian journalist enters the house]

Uittenboogaard: “When they forbid you to scratch, that’s when it starts to itch. It becomes unbearable to the point that your life turns into hell.”

Russian journalist: “Dutch pedophiles have founded a political party for the parliamentary elections. They even have posted videos on the internet in which they propagandize having sex with 12-year-olds, the legalization of soft drugs for children and hard drugs such as heroin for adults. Only under pressure from society, association Martijn had to cease their activities for a while.”

An April 8 messaged at the website of the Dutch Public Prosecutor on the Martijn case says:

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) does not reconcile itself to the decision of the court of appeal in Arnhem-Leeuwarden in the case against Vereniging Martijn and will therefore lodge an appeal in cassation. On 3 April last, the court of appeal judged that contrary to the PPS’s plea, the appeal of Vereniging Martijn may be allowed and that the decision of the court in Assen on 27 June 2012, must be annulled.

The court of appeal did not follow the PPS’s argument that Vereniging Martijn was not allowed in the case on appeal since, given the judgment of the court in Assen on 27 June 2012, it did not exist anymore.

The court of appeal shares the opinion of the PPS that the association trivializes the danger of sexual contact with young children, justifies such contacts or even idolizes them. And along with the PPS, the court of appeal thinks that this is a serious infringement of the sexual integrity of the child.

Different from the PPS, the court of appeal thinks that this infringement cannot be considered equivalent to social disruption; society is deemed defensible and flexible enough to handle this.

The PPS does not agree with this last consideration and is of the opinion that such an infringement indeed represents or may represent a social disruption. This is important when finding an answer to the question whether an association can be prohibited and dissolved.

Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Dutch female on-the-street interviewee: “The abuse of children and the destruction of their lives is a nightmare.”

Dutch male on-the-street interviewee: “I do not think there is room for them (pedophiles) in Dutch society.”

Russian journalist: “The Ministry of Justice motivated its decision by referring to freedom of expression, Dutch attorney Adele van der Plas states. (Van der Plas has filed several complaints against former Dutch Secretary-General of Justice and known pedophile, Joris Demmink). In the Netherlands there is a powerful lobby for the abuse of children, also by high-ranking individuals.

Attorney Van der Plas: “My client was in a child brothel where he had to please politicians and members of the government. One of the police officers who investigated the case, said he [also] was one of the witnesses. Joris Demmink is one of the suspects. At the time that permission was obtained to tap phones and to search the accused’s houses, the information of the obtained warrants leaked and the Ministry of Justice erased all traces.”

Russian journalist: “Let’s focus on Joris Demmink, former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice. He has more than once been accused of the abuse of minors. Against him are six declarations issued to the police. One of the alleged rape victims is Mustafa. His face [in the documentary] is blurred. He used to talk a lot so they cut his tongue. [Mustafa shows his scarred tongue]. He has no doubt that Demmink is the one who raped him.

“Look at him, he pretends he doesn’t have a clue!” [Mustafa indignantly tears Demminks picture out of a magazine].

Russian journalist: “It concerns events that took place mid 90s in Turkey. We turned to the Dutch Ministry of Justice for an explanation of the allegations against Demmink. They told us that these allegations are baseless because Demmink hasn’t been to Turkey at all in that period.”

Unidentified male interviewee: “Demmink was in Turkey under a different name. During that time, he had three different passports. He was the president of an organization involved in Turkish affairs. Saying as a president of such organization that you have never been to Turkey is like the Russian ambassador to the U.S. saying they have never been in the U.S. It’s just ridiculous. Hacktivist group Anonymous tries to prevent the Dutch pedophile group from continuing their activities. The pedophile case is a national tragedy in the Netherlands.”

Interviewee called Pastor Hendriks: “Here in the Netherlands between 15 and 20% of the population has been abused as a child. These are only minimum figures. Actual figures may be even higher.”

Russian journalist: “Pastor Hendriks is convinced that the problems are far from resolved. Dutch artist Maurice(?) Brinkman agrees with him. The memories of his childhood still horrify him.

Brinkman: “I have been abused during my childhood until I was sixteen. The abuser was the director of a public school and he also ruined the youth of fifty other boys. Three of them have committed suicide. The pedophile spent 1.5 years in prison and then cynically received a job proposal as a school teacher! Everyone knows that pedophiles can deal well with children and the rulers must have thought nothing but, let’s offer him a job in which he can work with children, because he is a good teacher.”

Russian journalist: “Meanwhile a child’s voice comes from the house of the most famous Dutch pedophile. Marthijn Uittenboogaard feels confident. His pedophile association has won a court case. (The Dutch court of justice prohibited the pedophile association in 2012 but in an appeal in March a higher court decided to reject the ban on Martijn.) According to the court, the existence of the association is no danger to society and should therefore continue to exist legally. The association may even exchange photos of children for personal use on its official website.”

Uittenbogaard stated to RT’s Ruptly.tv:

Physical contact between grown up people and children are healthy and some things we call sex can also be healthy. I think it is a very good healthy society when children can be naked, when they can enjoy their body and that they can be touched everywhere they want too. Everyone has pedophile feelings in themselves. Everyone, and it are very normal feelings, but some have them stronger than other people. You can’t do all the things with young children of course, but you can hug them, grasp them or caress them. I think we should be glad with the pedophiles in our society.

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