Put bankers behind bars, says Soros sponsored Avaaz


by Linda Housman

July 13, 2012 – Since war is peace, why not pretending you publically throw out the front door what is secretly feeding you through the back door? A similar thought must have crossed global civic organization Avaaz‘ mind when it launched its latest petition Put bankers behind bars on July 10.

Everyone who signs the petition, declares to the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States to be “concerned about the wave of banking crises that are affecting our economies and our livelihoods” and calls on these institutions to “take action to ensure that bankers are held responsible”, which according to you only can be done “by introducing strong legislation against market abuse, including criminal sanctions for bankers who ride roughshod over regulations or break our laws.”

Doesn’t this sound like a wonderful, laudable, genuinely well intentioned action, particularly when we take in consideration that bankers and corporate-financier interests are indeed at the root of the West’s current financial crisis?

“Big banks have been caught in a massive scam to rig global interest rates, ripping off millions of people on their mortgages, student loans and more!” agitates Avaaz. “We’d go to jail for this, but Barclays bank has only been fined, and just a fraction of their profits!”

The “activism” foundation continues: “The EU finance regulator, Michel Barnier is standing up to the powerful bank lobby and championing reform that would put bankers behind bars for fraud like this. If the EU goes first, accountability could quickly spread across the globe. But the banks are lobbying hard against it, and we need a massive surge of people power to drive these reforms through.”

“If we can get 1 million people to stand with Barnier in the next 3 days, it will give him momentum to face down the banking lobby and push governments to bring reform. Sign the petition, and our growing numbers will be represented by adding mock bankers to a jail right in front of the EU Parliament”, Avaaz concludes.

The petition seems to have its desired effect so far (Petition to put bankers in jail passes 350,000 signatures in two Days, celebrate independent news sites).

Unfortunately, not only does Avaaz completely miss the point as the banking system does not need to be “reformed” in order to achieve change – it simply needs to go; the partially good advice “put bankers behind bars” comes from the totally wrong mouth.

A month ago, Avaaz did not even try to hide its pro-empire position when Campaign Director Alice Jay in emotive language used the Houla massacre – by several independent sources and eyewitnesses exposed as a horrible deed of the Western-backed Al Qaeda terrorists – to urge the United Nations to “immediately commit to sending at least 3,000 international monitors to Syria with a mandate to protect civilians and to move fast to define a political transition plan”.

Introduced by a photo of young children, allegedly killed during the Houla massacre in which more than 100 civilians were slaughtered over one weekend in May, Jay wrote:

This image taken in Al Houla, Syria on Friday may be too brutal for us to look at. I have a 5 year old daughter and I know it’s only luck of birth that separates her from this horror. But my shock led me to write this today as I know there is something we can all do together to stop this … these children were slaughtered by men under strict orders to sow terror. Yet all the diplomats have come up with so far is a few UN monitors ‘observing’ the violence … if there were a large international presence across Syria with a mandate to protect civilians, we could prevent the massacres while leaders engage in political efforts to resolve the conflict. I cannot see more images like these without shouting from the rooftops.

Last year the same “human rights” organization convinced over 800,000 people to sign up for a no-fly zone in Libya culminating in the NATO destruction of the country. As if this weren’t enough, Avaaz itself is co-founded by MoveOn, an American public policy advocacy group funded by George Soros. Avaaz claims to receive no governmental or corporate funding, but according to its 2010 “990 form“, the organization received over $6.7 million that year and paid its President over $180,000 as a salary – and many more shady facts on this ultra-shady organization can be found in this excellent article by Martin Iqbal.

Avaaz’ petition contains nothing more than most mainstream media reports – at best – contain: half truths. The current banking system needs to be gone and its bankers indeed need to be jailed. They are executors of criminal organizations based on fraud, extortion and through its effect on global mass murder. The banking system does not need to tinkered with or even fundamentally changed (if already possible). There simply should come an end to the creation money out of thin air and to governments borrowing fresh-air money called ‘credit’ from private banks and the people having to pay interest on this ‘money’ that has never, does not and will never exist.

Avaaz however doesn’t only carry the wrong message, it also multiple times has proven to be the wrong medium to carry a right message. Taking into account its role in the Western(-funded!) destruction of Libya and the wounding and killing of numerous innocent Libyans only, there remains only one conclusion:

Put Avaaz behind bars.

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